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Friday, June 1, 2012

June ;)

So hey June :) Please laaaah, pretty please ... Jaga hati I okay ? :* I taknk hurt mcam mana May dah buat dkat I :( Please okay ... But you mcam si*l first of June dah buat hal  :( Tak thu kenapa emo sgat pagi tuuu ... Hmmm .. Maybe sebb lelaki tu kot :O Eh, kita nak cerita lah psal lelaki tu kat another post kjap lagi :p So just wait xD Hahaha.


Happy holiday guys :3 Korang kemana cuti niii ? Langkawi ? Bali ? London ? Paris ? So, if you ask me the answer is I go tu surf ... Yeah. Just surf the int -- What a bored holiday :( I've to finish my folio before the school start. It sucks :( I can't even enjoy my 2 weeks holiday !!! Sad to be PMR candidates -.-

So, I just finished my exam. So far so good. Next month dah July and it's trial month ! :'( I'm seriously not ready yet. Like seriously ! :'( Too scare of it. I wanna get straight A's. Can I ? :/

So guys, I hope your enjoy your holidaaaay ~ I end here. So, bye. Take care x

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